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  • Smears-44D-1000pc-roll

    Price: Available on request

    • Dispenser box with roll of 1,000
    • Cotton weight 200 g/sq m
    • Solvent-free adhesive
    • Silicone-impregnated paper
    • Paper backing 120 x 60 mm
    • Available with or without perforations
    • Reverse side inscribable

    The perforated cotton pieces can be torn off from the backing paper at the perforations (70 g/sq m).

    Non-perforated wiping tests can be cut out with scissors or punched out. Alternatively, the rolls can be detached with a pair of tweezers.

    The wiping tests are delivered as a roll of 1,000 in a dispenser box. Individual wiping tests are divided with perforations so that they can be separated.

    The adhesive is environmentally friendly and solvent-free

    The backing label is separated from the dispensing roll at a perforation

    • Do not use wiping tests with solvent, as the adhesive will come off
    • After using the wiping test, the label is folded in the middle in such a way that the cotton pieces lie protected between both halves of the label
    • One side of the label is inscribable (with specifications such as number of wiping test, date, time and place of wiping test)

    The wiping tests are chlorine-free and can be disposed by burning without any special provisions. The disposal method will depend exclusively on the degree to which the tests are contaminated during use.