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  • UniTech Services B.V.

    Since 1996 Unitech Services B.V. has been operating a licensed external nuclear laundry in the Netherlands.

    Not only is it an enterprise offering decontamination services for radioactive contaminated protective garments, but it provides lease service for personal protective equipment, respirators and other technical equipment for use in nuclear power plants.

    When constructing the laundry, UniTech Services was able to benefit from the long lasting experience of the US American parent company, UniTech Services Group, which operates ten similar facilities in the USA.

    UniTech applied for the operating license for the laundry in Coevorden on February 25, 1994 and this license was granted on March 15, 1995 without limitations. The laundry operation began in April 1996.

    The laundry in Coevorden is operated with a nuclear regulatory operation license under the Dutch government and according to the radio protection regulations of the Dutch radio protection law. It also complies with the requirements according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.

    The capacity of the laundry is 600 kg / hour or about 1100 metric tons per year. The various items can be washed in three different laundry areas, one for alpha, one for beta / gamma contaminated garments, and one for non-contaminated garments from the controlled area.

    UniTech possesses all necessary transportation licenses to meet the ADR requirements for the transport of dangerous goods and, through subcontractors, maintains a variety of trucks for the pick- up and delivery of the laundry.

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    UniTech Services B.V.
    De Mars 11
    NL-7742 PT Coevorden
    Tel: +31 524 599699