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  • UniTech Services Group Ltd.

    UniTech Services Group Ltd. Operates a permitted nuclear laundry for contaminated garments in Crumlin, South Wales.

    The first activities started in 1998 with the help of the German and Dutch sister companies. In April 2004, UniTech Services Group was founded as Euro Nuclear Services Ltd. to better accommodate the needs of the British customers. In 2008, the laundry in Wales was opened and the name was changed to UniTech Services Group Ltd.

    From Wales, we supply our customers in the UK with external laundry and lease service, sales of a variety of PPE, respirator service and accessories. We also offer decontamination service for several applications, especially metal objects such as tools, scaffolding and pipe systems.

    In 2005 UniTech Services Group bought one of the main suppliers of PPE in the UK and therefore, was able to provide an even larger variety of protective garments in either standard versions or customised products to be used in Radiological Controlled Areas.
    There has been an impressive growth in revenue over the past few years. Growing from a handful of customers at our inception in 1998, we now provide service to 42 customers of different sizes and with a variety of needs.

    This development has been made possible as a result of both the demand to reduce radioactive waste and the need to save costs while maintaining expectations for the highest possible quality.

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    UniTech Services Group Ltd.
    Unit 5, Oakwood Close
    Pen-Y-Fan Industrial Estate
    Newport, NP11 3HY
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 1495 249688