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  • Laundry Services

    We have a proven track record in the safe, efficient service for external decontamination facilities of PPE used in the Nuclear Industry across the world – particularly aimed at protecting the Environment through re-use of contaminated items. All of our facilities are licensed or permitted to dispose of low levels of radioactive waste.

    All our processes following rigorous compliance requirements throughout by using the latest proven technology to ensure standards are met and exceeded.

    The key parts of the external washing service are:

    • Collection from the customer site using specifically tailored vehicles and transport containers designed to meet international transport requirements
    • Laundering of the customer garments using specifically designed wash formulas (developed over many years of experience) for the removal of radiological contamination. The different types of PPE are segregated and sorted prior to washing to optimise the process
    • Drying using the latest in technology facilities depending on the type of item
    • Radiological monitoring of laundered items to customer specific requirements using monitoring instrumentation designed specifically to achieve low levels of alpha and beta contamination
    • Safe and compliant delivery of processed items back to the customer site

    1) Collection

    2) Washing

    3) Drying/Checking

    4) Monitoring

    5) Delivery

    Throughout the laundry process significant emphasis is placed on minimising the risk of cross-contamination between customers by:

    • Have designated washers and dryers for alpha and beta contamination
    • Completing a thorough clean down and survey between customers to minimise any risk of residual contamination being present