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  • Safe to Walk


    Price: Available on request


    • Top force made of “Lorica” artificial leather. Sole made of Polyurethane.
    • S2: Steel core in cap (or Kevlar)
    • S3: Steel core in cap and sole
    • Washable up to 60 °C
    • Drying up to 40 °C

    Sole: Impulse absorption, anti-slip and anti-bend. Top force has hydrophobic characteristics and anyhow it ́s breathable for better wearing comfort. Reinforced edges in height of the ankle anticipate spraining one ́s foot.

    Different Versions:

    • Lace up (S2+S3)
    • Slipper (S2)
    • Boots (S3)

    Optionally available in colours white and black.

    We advise to use the Safe2Walk shoes in conjunction with the UniTech comfort-coverall Makobatist, Overshoes Punta or Tiger and cotton gloves, which are certificated to DIN EN 1073-2 as a whole.