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  • Emergency Protection Center

    Posted: November 2017

    The Swedish nuclear power companies, after the Fukushima incident demanded  from the Swedish radiation protection authority to establish a emergency protection center in the event of a potential reactor failure.
    This meant that it should be possible to handle evacuations of personnel such as collecting, registrating and monitoring of staff at the affected plant.
    The extent of protection means checkpoints with sanitation, measuring possibilities and other supplies externally from the power plant.
    Requirements were also protective materials and other materials to be stored up in connection to the power plant, as well as within 40-50 km to withstand supply 7 days in the event of excessive contamination or radiation levels.
    Unitech was contracted to deliver in total 13 special designed 20” sea land containers to store up at 4 different locations.
    One part are the ”Immediate” ppe materials, 1 cont placed directly outside the site. Next the two so called logistic center containers located appr 50 km from the plant.
    Finally 4 common owned containers placed on a central spot between the power plants (Studsvik Nyköping).

    The volumes and products in the containers are decided by the Swedish customer and ordered and packed by Unitech in Barsebäck NPP. Of the common PPE a leasing option valid for 5 years was agreed for both Vattenfall and Eon. Vattenfall also chose to buy the immediate and Log c containers and Eon are in a lease to own contract.

    Unitech are also contracted to service the leased emergency containers on a agreed cost during the total contract time.

    The advantage for Unitech is first of all that the system works and can be a good solution for other countries with the same demands and needs.
    Another part is that the system is a good object for development and changing in to other and different areas.
    And last but not least, this can be in advantage when decommisioning starts in Sweden.