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  • Unitech rubber glove


    Price: Available on request

    • I100% highly impermeable natural rubber
    • Strong resistance to chemical attack
    • Exceptional resistance to wear
    • Very resistant to cuts and punctures
    • Branded quality
    • Exceeds MIL-G-82242D
    • Washable up to 60° C
    • Sizes and right/left-hand glove are colour coded
    • Length 38 cm
    • Thickness ca. 0.45 mm – Grained hand surface
    • Rolled cuff
    • 100 pairs per case
    • Bulk pack left and right packed separately
    Colour coding:
    • Left-hand gloves are marked in black with an “L”, while the right-hand gloves show a red “R”.
    • The size coding is detailed on the size table.
    The “Anti-C” rubber glove is chlorine free and can be disposed of by incineration without any need to take any special precautions. The mode of disposal depends exclusively on any contamination during recycling.
    • EN 388
    • EN 374
    • EN 421

    Suitable for protection against contamination in industrial usage.