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  • Safe to Walk class S1 type


    Price: Available on request

    Breathable, comfortable safety shoe that was designed specifically for the requirements of the nuclear industry. The shoe is equipped with laces and is made with a canvass upper. The sole is made of polyurethane, is shock absorbent and has an anti- slip profile. The raised edges around the ankles are designed to prevent their twisting.
    In accordance with Safety Class S1, the shoe has a steel toe. The shoe has been made more comfortable to wear by adding an arch support inside.
    The use of high quality materials allows for the production of a light-weight safety shoe that is particularly comfortable and doesn’t shrink, even after washing and drying (each at max. 40 °C). The embossed size on the outside heel lets you easily recognize the size of the shoe even without taking it out of the rack.
    • Washable safety shoe
    • Machine dryable
    • CE Safety Class S1
    • Uppers: canvass, blue
    • Size at the heel of both shoes Sizes 5 to 14
    • EN 344
    • EN 345 S1

    We recommend wearing the Safe2Walk safety shoes in combination with the UniTech Makobatist Comfort Overalls, the Punta or Tiger overshoes, where applicable with the Makobatist or ProTech 2000 hood and the cotton gloves. This combination is certified under DIN EN 1073-2.