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  • Proflow SC 160 ASB

    Price: Available on request

    Proflow SC 160 ASB incorporates a blower unit supplying filtered air to the facepiece through a breathing hose; a NiMH battery is encased in the polyurethane casing. The blower unit contains a DC motor powered radial fan; a microprocessor calculates the power required to maintain the set flow rate and automatically adjusts the air supply. If the flow rate falls below the minimum 160 l/min, an audible warning sounds.

    • Electronically maintains steady 160 l/min airflow, no pre-use flow check required.
    • Continuous display of battery status and filter blockage; audible alarm for low battery and filter clogging.
    • Typical 5 – 8 hours use from a single charge.
    • Ni-MH high power battery with fast recharge (6h).
    • Shower-proof construction and PVC-belt for decontamination.
    • Can also be fitted to a harness when working for long periods.
    • Approved with:- Promask¬† and Vision 2, RFF4000.
    • Also approved with particulate and Combination Filters from P3 to ABEKP3.
    • Also available with PVC cover.
    • High water ingress protection for cleaning when decontamination plugs are fitted.
    • The operation data can be read at a service center by a computer programme.

    EN 12941/2:1998 A2 + 2008.

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