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  • CleanAIR 3F

    Price: Available on request

    The 3F is a new generation of powered air purifying respirator designed to filtrate contaminants in the form of gasses, vapours, particles and their combinations

    Despite its compact size and low weight, the Chemical 3F unit has high mechanical and chemical resistance and UV resistance.
    The construction of the unit allows easy decontamination in a shower thanks to Ingress protection IP65. The unique automatic closing system prevents unwanted contamination of the unit by particles while the filters are being changed.
    Full colour display shows clearly all relevant information.


    • Compact shape and low weight
    • High mechanical and chemically protected
    • Resistance to intrusion of liquids and solid particles –¬† IP65
    • Unique automatic closing system
    • Advanced electronics to support the wearer
    • Full colour TFT display clearly shows all the relevant¬≠ modes HOOD/ MASK/ Overall Univent (Mistral) /ASBESTOS
    • Airflow 120- 300 1pm
    • Li-Ion battery and quick battery charge

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