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  • Atlas non-ventilated Coverall

    Price: Available on request


    • The suit is made of polyurethane-coated fabric (polyester).
    • The user steps in through a zip fastener running across the back of the suit; this is covered by a flap. The protective suit is worn with a respirator. The face hole used specifically for this purpose seals without the need for additional taping.
    • Made of nitrile, the gloves are anatomically shaped and attach in a sealed manner.

    Safety features:

    • The protection suit is intended for single use only and must not be washed, even though the material is suitable for washing.
    • The material is breathable and light, which makes the suit more comfortable to wear.
    • The suit should be worn with overshoes to prevent damage to the integrated booties.
    • Likewise, the suit is available as a two-piece suit (Jacket + Pants)

    EN 1073-2

    The suit must be worn in conjunction with a respirator. The certified varieties are the Auer S3 and Dräger Panorama Nova.
    We recommend using this suit with our UniTech Safe2Walk safety shoes, as well as our Punta overshoes, cotton gloves and Cotton Dry underwear.