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Deko plus CE class S1 slip-on

Comfortable safety shoe that is designed specifically for the requirements of the nuclear industry. The shoe is equipped with laces, but can be supplied with velcro fastening or as a slipper.

In accordance with Safety Class S1, the shoe has a steel toe. The insole is made of 100% terry cloth. The use of high quality materials allows for the production of a light-weight safety shoe that is particularly comfortable and doesn’t shrink, even after washing and drying (each at max. 60 °C). The embossed size on the outside heel lets you easily recognize the size of the shoe even without taking it out of the rack.

  • EN 344
  • EN 345 S1

These overshoes can be used wherever shoes or safety shoes need to be protected against particulate or liquid contamination.

Price: Available on request