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Vision 2 RFF4000 Full Face Mask

The Vision 2 Full Face Respirator provides the ultimate in comfort, ease of use and wearer appeal. It also offers a choice of mask sizes. The visor offers the wearer a virtually unrestricted
(98%) field of vision and is optically perfect to prevent any visual distortion.

  • Comfort is further enhanced by the Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) face seal. LSR provides a more durable material than conventional silicone moulding, but remains soft against the skin and highly flexible, readily conforming to the contours of the face.
  • The broad contact area of the face seal minimises pressure points and seals effectively without over-tightening the head harness. LSR is also non-dermatitic and hypo-allergenic, reducing the possibility of skin irritation.
  • The whole mask weighs just over 600g and filters are set low and close to the face to give excellent balance, avoiding neck strain and further improving wearer acceptance.
  • Vision 2 is available in three sizes: M/L, M and S, to ensure high performance for the widest range of users.
  • The inner half mask is moulded in anti-dermatitic TPE. It ensures a directional air flow to prevent misting of the visor and to maintain low carbon dioxide levels. The matt finish prevents reflective glare on the inside of the visor.
  • Vision 2 accepts any of the full range of Pro2000 filters (40 mm thread).
  • Vision 2 RFF4000 can be fitted to the Proflow PAPR system.
EN 136
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