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Spirobox 2

The Spirobox 2 is the new generation of breathing air treatments. It is a mobile respiratory system, that can be used in contaminated hazardous environments.
With this device, normal machine air can be Translated to breathing air. Due to this design, it can be flexibly used everywhere.
Furthermore, it has an emergency supply through 2 composite cylinders, which continue to supply the employees with breathing air in case of emergency. The cylinder storage system contains 4080 liters of breathing air in two 6.8 l / 300 bar composite cylinders.
The breathing air is automatically used either from the operating air or from the reservoir.
The air distribution works here pneumatically and not electrically.
The air conditioning unit consists of one
Filter with an automatic condensate drain,
a micro-fine filter and an activated carbon filter.
If the operating air fails, the employee is informed by an acoustic and optical signal (flashing light).
Inside, the whole unit is protected against contamination and also decontaminable for 100%.
The Spirobox 2 is designed for the use of 2 people.
Price: Available on request