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For decontamination of chemical or radioactive contaminated surfaces

  • Odorless
  • Water soluble
  • Tested extensively
  • Easy to apply with a putty-knife
  • Also suited for rough surfaces

The ideal removable DECON solution.

  • Blue colored gel
  • Dries in approximately 24 hours (dependent on applied thickness)
  • Can be used on many surface structures
  • Simple and safe disposal
  • Contamination contained in a plastic matrix
  • Minimal waste
  • Almost pH neutral
  • Decontamination of trans uranium, radioactive materials, nuclear fission particles, metals such as beryllium.

Available Products:

  • DeconGel™ 1108 Gel
  • DeconGel™ 1128 Spray – Industrial Sprayer
  • DeconGel™ 1120 Spray – Handheld equipment for smaller surfaces
  • Nuclear power plants: decommissioning/dismantling/decontamination
  • Laboratories in the chemical and radiological sector
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Application: by means of putty-knife, brush or spray gun
  • Drying: approximately 24 hours (depending on layer thickness, room temperature and humidity)
  • Removal: (possibly add an extra layer and let dry, in case applied layer is too thin)

Coating – Drying - Peeling

Price: Available on request