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UniTech Services GmbH

The UniTech location (formerly ENS) in Germany has existed since 1996. The primary function is to develop and sell safety garments designed for controlled areas in nuclear power plants, military applications, and other industries. UniTech values the quality and safety of these garments, therefore all of the products UniTech develops and produces are CE-certified according to the applicable standards.

In November 2010 the headquarters in Ellgau was relocated to Laar. This facility is in the same industrial complex as the washing facility in Coevorden, but is located just across the German border. The office's proximity to the laundry makes product development faster and allows the requests of our customers to be addressed in greater detail.

Working together with the client, UniTech uses this location to further develop new products in order to satisfy the claims of the client and to provide helpful solutions to any problems, such as specialized products like custom size reusable coverings. Here we work with the industry's leading material producers in order to ensure a washable, flame retardant product.

A recurring topic of discussion for new products is the minimization of radioactive waste. For example, the P3 Filter, the washable UniVent ventilated suit, or the washable safety shoes with a synthetic safety cap all take this aspect into account.

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UniTech Services GmbH
Brookdiek 2 L
49824 Laar
Tel.: +49 5947 9102910
Fax: +49 5947 91029188