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Temporary buildings


Semi-Permanent and Launderable Tentage for Internal and External Use

Unitech has supplied launderable tents across the UK and Mainland Europe designed to customer’s needs.  We now have value for money semi-permanent tents that we can support the build of and removal to another site when needed. 
With UniTech tents you can decide the needs you have from roofs that open to use the with Gantry cranes, windows, airlocks, portioned parts to allow different areas of work and or offices to side doors that allow vehicle access.  The tents are modular so that they can be added to or reduced in size to meet the needs.

  • HEPA Ventilation and Power cord tube access
  • Wind and Snow rated for each geographical area
  • Modular adjustments at 3 meter lengths
  • Site to Site Contaminated materials transport
Semi-permanent tent


Semi-permanent tent

Semi-permanent tentSemi-Permanent and Launderable Tentage for Internal and External Use