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Scaffold Monitoring

One of the most exciting and innovative developments in the new services that Unitech are able to offer is scaffold monitoring and decontamination services.

UniTech utilizes state-of-the-art automated tool and equipment monitors designed specifically for tube scaffolding, joints and wood or aluminum planking.


The pipe monitor is an automated monitor that reliably detects radioactive contamination down to insignificant levels on the external surface of scaffold poles and other long, straight cylindrical surfaces from 1” to 3.5” in diameter. It scans large areas at a steady speed whilst rotating the pole providing optimum monitoring efficiency of 100% of the outside surface area of the pole in less than 60 seconds which equates to high productivity.

The automated plank monitor reliably detects low levels of radioactive contamination using 38 high efficiency gas flow detectors.

plank-monitorAs with the Scaffold Pole Monitor the plank monitor can detect discreet areas of very low level contamination and also has the capability of a virtual detector enabling very low levels of specific contamination to be detected over the area of a specific plank size providing a result for the whole plank at one time.

The monitors can be set to measure pre-defined levels and can monitor for hotspots using single detectors and an overall specific activity down to very low levels. Part of the service includes all reasonable efforts to decontaminate items to meet customer levels for clearance as clean to reuse or disposal as non-radioactive waste.

Basic service includes monitoring, basic decontamination, sentencing, packaging, and shipping.

All processes will be agreed with the customer to suit customer specific requirements and can be tailored to suit individual needs.