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Ultrawipe Microfibre Towel


  • 100 % microfiber (75 % polyester / 25 % polyamide) Features:
  • The UltraWipe absorbs more contamination than ordinary wiping cloths (cleans 60 % more), meaning less work with fewer cloths.
  • The UltraWipe is especially efficient when cleaning liquids, absorbing up to 9 g of water per gram of fabric.
  • Measurements:
  • 40 cm x 40 cm

The UltraWipe wiping cloth is made of synthetic fibers that feature exceptional wear resistance and durability. Its ability to wash radioactive substances is outstanding: Even in the first washing cycle, over 98 % of the waste it has absorbed is washed out. (Comparison: only 82 % using ordinary fabrics)

The wiping cloth can be used with a telescopic rod (extendable from 1.20 m to 2.40 m).

Price: Available on request