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New location for UNITECH Services in Europe

Posted: November 2017

We are working on the construction of an industrial Decontamination laundry meant for our French customers but not specifically. Customers from the south of Germany, Switzerland and Belgium will also benefit from this new plant. Read more

Emergency Protection Center

Posted: November 2017

The Swedish nuclear power companies, after the Fukushima incident demanded  from the Swedish radiation protection authority to establish a emergency protection center in the event of a potential reactor failure. Read more

HPB Boot Barriers

Posted: February 2017

We have had great support from Unitech during our project to replace our wooden boot barriers with 72 metal ones. Read more

Sizewell B Dry Fuel Store Dosimetry vest

Posted: February 2017

The Sizewell B Dry Fuel Store (DFS) project is the first of a kind activity in the United Kingdom to move irradiated fuel into dry storage containers, for long term safe storage on the nuclear power plant site. Read more

ADR transport support to Hinkley Point A

Posted: December 2016

Terry Woodcock (Magnox SMLO) From HPA contacted UniTech to help solve a big problem he had. Terry needed a Class 7 shipment loaded at HPA and delivered to DNA ASAP Read more