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Mobile Warehouse for Protective Clothing and Accessories

mobile-safty-store-insideWe can offer a portable warehouse for your facility in which you can at any time access your articles of clothing for work, their accessories and any other materials you may need to keep your establishment running smoothly.

At your request, we set up an inventory that even during outages, or other unusual circumstances, articles of clothing can be provided without delivery time.

The warehouse is situated inside of a container that we place on your property.

The container is fully lit and heated, so that it can be used in cold weather.

After the container has been set up, you will receive an exact list of its contents and overview, including where particular articles can be found.

A preliminary and final inventory of the container will be made and you will only be charged for the articles you use. Upon request, we can quickly restock your container on-site or add new ones to the already existing inventory.