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Lease service for personalized protective equipment

safe-to-walk_thumb.jpgUniTech offers a lease service which allows customers to order quantities of protective garments and respirators with delivery in a short period of time. This includes most coveralls, protective shoes, over shoes, under garments. The lease service can also be customized to the specifics that the customer desire.


These specific requests are often required for short term use for procedures such as outages or other specialized work procedures.

One of the main advantages of using the lease program is that the customer can avoid the costs for purchasing, storing and disposing of the garments.


The cost of the lease is only applied during the time period which the product is in use, not while the garments are stored at the UniTech sites. This reduces the customer’s capital expenditure for the purchase of PPE including special PPE items such as breathing protection and welding coveralls.

Ownership of leased garments belongs to UniTech, eliminating the cost of disposal.