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D-BOX Mobile control zone

UniTech has developed a unique concept in Europe: an autonomous mobile controlled zone.

Today a large number of materials are stored without time limit in nuclear zones (scaffold for example) or in containers on specific dedicated areas outside buildings.

Considering transport issues of these materials, UniTech is able to propose an innovative and adaptive solution meant for any kind of site allowing:

  • To make inventory of big materials volumes (high rate)
  • To carry out radiological control operations in Low Background environments
  • To decontaminate in situ if necessary
  • To sort waste and dispatch them to the appropriate waste route

D-BOX by UniTech is a full solution to achieve various operations such as radiological control of scaffolds, renovation of lead blankets, sorting and packing. It can be installed and exploited during regular operational planning and or outages.

The standard module includes 2 X 30 foot ISO containers equipped with:
  • A zone used as changing room by staff
  • An intervention zone to carry out the different operations planned

If this is of interest to your business, please contact your relevant Technical account manager.